Aletta Ocean

Aletta OceanAletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean just loves to please, whether it’s herself or the people watching her do it. It all started when her best friend in the world expressed a real lesbian attraction to her. Even though she knew that it would never work out between the two of them because Aletta just loved cock too much to give it up for good, she would invite her friend over to watch her gently masturbate and bring her tight, wet pussy to orgasm. Her friend would sometimes join in, but would always take the memory home with her to pleasure herself in private whenever she started thinking about her. The experiences always stayed with her and she’s developed quite the fetish from it. If she can’t get cock, then she just can’t seem to make herself cum unless she’s being watched by hot and horny women as they play right along with her.

Alison Star

Alison Star Alison Star

Alison Star just loves to help people forget about their problems with her perfect body. She keeps her pussy nice and bare because she really wants you to see what she has to offer when she spreads her legs wide and lets her fingers wander down. She loves to pleasure herself, but it’s really only fun when there are people watching. It doesn’t matter if they’re men or women, as long as their hands are wandering just as much and they’re timing themselves to cum right at the same time that she does. She just wants to be seen to make you forget your troubles when you’re together. If you can feel free and easy when you’re with her, then you’ll understand why so many people just keep on coming back to her, over and over again just to feel the pleasure that she and she alone can offer them.